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Our club is not your typical martial art school.

We offer strong basics and concrete fundamentals to enhance  your wing chun skills development in the right manner. our goal is for you to apply wing chun principles on your everyday life. we believe learning how to fight physically will not only protect you from harm but also allow to avoid fight and neutralize any given situations. our club is currently conducted in Sifu ArANAS HOME STUDIO AT HINTONBURG AREA. we are looking forward to hear from you.        


​Traditional Chinese Martial Art 


            Sifu Jerome aranas started his wing chun training with sifu patrick gordon who was a certified instructor under renowned Wing chun master augustine fong.  after years of dedicated training of sifu aranas he was honored by Sifu gordon to take over ottawa wing chun academy school upon his retirement. 

              soon after taking over the school sifu aranas was fortunate to have a chance to refine his wing chun under guidance of wing chun grand master ho kam ming. several changes are made and adjusted to adopt into traditional way of training. 

It was maybe a destiny to have a taste of both worlds, with the training provided by the grand master there was much more than meets the eye.